World’s smallest car, the Peel P50, to be revived image

Peel Microcars has recently announced that the world’s smallest car, the P50, will be revived in the UK.

According to the British based automaker Peel, the P50 will be made again, this time in limited quantities, and England is the target. Guinness Book of World Records has named the Peel P50 the smallest-ever production car. Even if the revival of the small model will be more like a facelift than a brand new generation, this might be successful, considering the fact that it is powered by tiny engines and the world today is concerned in saving the environment. Plus model be parked just about anywhere, even in your office.

The Peel P50 and the Peel Trident are both powered by the same 49cc petrol engine, which is developing a total output of 3.35 horsepower. Besides these versions, two electric variants are also available as options, where one of them is generating 1.6 horsepower and 2.5 lb-ft of torque which can push the models up to 15 mph. Both models can run for 50 miles, but they are also coming with a 4 HP version which has a 28 mile range, going up to 50 mph. Price tag for the 50 units of the P50 which will be made again has been set at $10.700, and a 1.546 USD deposit is required for purchase.