Wörthersee getting yet another special VW Golf made by apprentices image

Since we’re dealing with the annual Wörthersee GTI meeting, the skilled apprentices at Volkswagen weren’t going to come out with a Passat, right?

The younglings are only teasing us to the arrival of yet another special GTI for the meet – the tenth Golf GTI and this special incarnation of the ubiquitous hot hatch is a three-door version. Just five women and eight men aged between 18 and 23 and specialized in several areas were responsible for this one-off Grand Touring Injection and they worked their way around the project using CAD and 3D printing technology. The wrap has numerous blue hues, and it was envisioned on a graphics tablet and we can see they even went through the trouble of matching the wheel spokes with the body color.

Auszubildende gestalten mit Digital-Technologien effizient und schnell den einzigartigen Wörthersee-GTI 2017

These initial teasers aren’t talking much about the interior, but VW is – the company says the apprentices took out the regular audio system and replaced it with an upgraded setup boasting 11 loudspeakers and an unspecified number of subwoofers for a total output of 1,960 watts. No word has perspired yet about other upgrades – especially about the ones we’re all interested, that have to do with the performance of the machine.