WRX STI debuts in “Gran Turismo 5” image

Subaru announced that the WRX STI 4-door sedan model debuts in “Gran Turismo 5″. Developed by Polyphony Digital Inc. and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Subaru has engaged in a series of marketing and promotional activities around the WRX STI.

These include worldwide support of rally programs such as Group N, media advertising and dedicated web content.

Since the first series was introduced into the world in 1997, “Gran Turismo” series 3 has been highly popular not only among video game fans all over the world but also in the professional racing drivers and automotive-related circles. The WRX STI continues to be featured in the latest Gran Turismo series.

Taking a leaf from the BMW M3’s book, the WRX STI tS will feature at least one major modification: a carbon-fibre roof. Beyond that, Subaru has offered little. The tS’ availability in both manual and automatic form (‘A-Line’ in Japan) has been confirmed, however.