Xenatec is revealing the Insane Projects image

“Everyone have their own size” and similarly every auto vehicles are having their own sizes, this thumb rule is being understood by Xenatec as they are now in the mood of creating the Insane project vehicles larger and shorter according to the vehicle type and chassis style.

The chassis modification is the focus of the comoany which just revealed the Maybach Coupe.
The company is working on fewer projects like Flying Spur, 300C Limousine, Sedan Porsche 911, the Cayenne Pickup truck, the sport sedan if BMW 6 series and also the longer version of Audi R8. All of these projects will be now considered according to their requirements and none of the vehicles will be compared or resized according to the vehicle lineups.


The Xenatec has said that these projects are under the deep eye of many of the engineers and are modified by keeping the chassis cab in the minds. The company is not too sure about the launching period of these above mentioned vehicles but is quite sure that the moment demands of the customers will raised, the supply and launching of these vehicles will be done sooner.


The Insane Projects are having a focus and are also having the huge great ideas of making these vehicles upto the standards of the companies.
The recent launching of Maybach is welcomed by the Coupe lovers as the car lovers liked the size of the car alongwith many of the other features. The Xenatec is the entity that is famous for the modification and innovative ideas in technical terms. The technically superior company is now convinced that none of the vehicles should be made by comparing them with others or even by deciding the size first. This is truly good news for the technical car lovers. Hope for a better future with Xenatec.