Yazaki has announced the opening of a new plant in Caracal, Romania, where the wiring harness provider will supply cabling systems for the automotive industry and the presence of Renault and Ford on the local auto market will boost its sales because Yazaki will provide for the two automakers, along with the exports which are supposed to end up worldwide.

“Together with the whole Yazaki team, I have the pleasure to announce that today another important step towards the future has been taken in Romania. The expanding by opening the new Caracal plant will allows us to continue our strategic Ford partnership. Besides this, we will offer more jobs in the region along with the 5.000 which were already created since Yazaki entered Romania”, said the Yazaki Romania general director, Jorge Damasceno.

According to wall-street.ro, the Caracal plant investment is rising to 4 million euros and starting from early next year Yazaki will supply cabling systems for the Ford B-Max which is made at the Craiova, Romania plant. Yazaki already has 600 employees in Romania and in the second quarter of 2012 the company will hire another 400-500 people which will work on the 5.000 square meters plant.

Yazaki is the largest manufacturer of wiring harness for the automotive industry globally and the company was founded back in 1929 by Sadami Yazaki. Nowadays, Yazaki is operating in 39 countries having a total of 148 production lines. The company’s headquarters is located in Koln, Germany.


  1. Si? Nimic impresionant pana aici.
    Apropo, intre timp, au deschis fabrica, au facut si angajari, au facut si calificari… si s-au apucat de treaba. Au niste salarii de mizerie, undeva pe la 150 euro, si niste norme care nu pot fi realizate. Asta cam pute a sclavie, nu? Sau poate vre-un directoras zelos vrea sa arate ce tare e el in fata sefilor, cum face el normele.
    Dragi sefi de la Yazaki, o norma de munca se face in felul urmator: intai si intai, se filmeaza operatiile, se optimizeaza timpii, si dupa 3 luni de aplicare a noului timp de lucru, se poate impune si norma. Nu dupa ureche, cum faceti voi. Dar probabil stiti asta…
    ALOOOOO….. liderii de sindicat!!! Ce faceti voi acolo? Ca luati cate 3 euro de la fiecare angajat! A-ti fraternizat cu patronatul? RUSINE!!!!


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