Yellow could get your car resold faster and pricier image

You might think this title is confused or misleading, as usually bright colors don’t go well with the acquisition of a new car. But, in fact, a study revealed that such hues could boost later on the resale value.

Although this tends to be a rather big violation of the well-known law of supply and demand, the colors that usually dealers and new car buyers tend to overlook can statistically bring the bigger value on the used-car market.

Actually, yellow, a color that screams “lemon” or “taxi” in some parts of the world, has the most going for it when it comes to retaining resale value over the years. Or this is at least what Boston-based used-vehicle website found from its extensive research on over 20 million second-hand vehicle listings of cars from model years 1981 to 2010.

“While a popular car color like black or silver may get more interest and sell faster, our analysis indicates it may not get as high a value as a car, say, in yellow,” says Phong Ly, CEO and co-founder of “Scarcity may account for the difference – only 1.1 percent of all cars are yellow and orange; the dearth of supply of such colors may drive prices up.”

An average five-year old yellow car would be sold for about $1,500 more than the exact match of the car, but with a black hue. Cars painted orange, teal and green also bring in top dollars. Paint supplier PPG Industries, on the other hand, revealed the most popular color choices for new cars to be white (21%), black (19%), gray (17%) and silver (15%).

Via Forbes