Yes, the Mercedes of your choice can get a branded AMG door LED projector image

Mercedes itself has been blinging out – unnecessary in our opinion, but the chicks dig it – the model range for years now, and someone at the company probably decided the AMG division should follow suite just to be in tune.

Whether or not you’re actually riding in an AMG vehicle – because you can fit anything from the base A-Class hatchback all the way up to the GLS behemoth – there’s now the option to up fit the car with the LED Projector AMG emblem. There’s no need to hurry with this decision, because you can opt for it when bringing home the car or at any given time afterwards as a retrofit installed in lieu of the factory-installed entrance light mounted at the lower end of the doors. The logo you’re getting is Mercedes-AMG’s branded apple tree on the river with the company’s Affalterbach, Germany headquarters name.

Neuer AMG Wappen LED Projektor für viele Baureihen erhältlich: Beeindruckende Lichteffekte zum Nachrüsten

Or you could opt for the star badge – which Mercedes contends is quite “possibly the world’s best-known trademark.” We’re not so sure about that – given there’s a huge number of iconic brands out there with easy to recognize branding. Of course, to benefit from the additional bling of the LED projector logo you first need to order the appropriate door lighting packages with the needed entry guidance lights. We haven’t seen the LED projector puddle light with Maybach’s double M logo just yet, save for the illuminated “Maybach” name on the door sills of the limited S650 Cabriolet that will only see 300 owners at any given time.