Yet another mileage scandal: Suzuki admits using improper tests in Japan image

Suzuki has also admitted that it used wrong fuel economy tests for its cars sold in Japan, saying at the same time that fuel-economy readings are correct though.

Following the mileage scandal provoked by Mitsubishi in Japan, the transport ministry has imposed on all local automakers to submit new fuel economy data by May 18. Therefore, Suzuki have complied and reported the result of its internal investigation on Wednesday, but the findings brought out yet another unsurprising wrongdoing. Japan’s fourth-largest automaker said that proof of manipulation of fuel efficiency readings was not found, but there were discrepancies in emissions and in the fuel efficiency testing process between the regulatory ones and the actual method carried out by Suzuki. The automaker reviewed the measuring process of driving resistance of all 16 models currently available for sale, which translate to around 2.1 million vehicles being affected.

But who is eventually to blame for these irregularities? The wind, Suzuki says. “We consider the background lies in the fact that Sagara proving ground owned by us locates on top on a hill close to sea, where it is significantly affected by weather conditions such as influence of wind and carrying out tests were difficult. The recent improvements in fuel efficiency technology accompanied by reduced rolling resistance and vehicle weight have greater tendency for cars to be influenced by wind as well as results spread in wider variations.”

The automaker said it would not issue a stop-sale of its cars, as new readings have not deviated much from those previously submitted. The improper readings do not apply to products sold under Suzuki badge outside Japan.

“Therefore, we consider it not necessary to amend the driving resistance value applied, nor the fuel efficiency value measured using the driving resistance value. As for performance regarding emissions, it complies with the safety standards and we consider it does not have any problems. Suzuki assures users to continue use of its products at ease.”