Yo-Auto is promising first Russian hybrid by December 2012 image

The Russian based automaker Yo-Auto has recently announced that the company’s first hybrid car will be launched by December 2012.

According to the car manufacturer, Russia’s first hybrid vehicle will make its way onto the auto market by late 2012 and it seems that Yo-Auto is planning to sell it at a low cost. Yo-Auto is also saying that the upcoming hybrid will be available with some interesting standard features like the multifunctional steering wheel, touchscreen control panel, climate control, GPS navigation, start/stop, remote diagnostics, audio amplifier output, optional rear view camera, optional road signs module recognition, multimedia system with internet access, audio video playback from USB devices, hands-free phone system and many other interesting things.

“We have also created a database of breakthrough developments for the future development of the e-mobile and other products. If you have ideas that can be implemented in the e-mobile’s design, please send them to: ginzbourg@yo-auto.ru”, as the automaker is saying in its official press release.

Yo-Auto’s designs will be made in collaboration with the truck manufacturer Yarovit Motors and Prokhorov’s Onexim Group which is located near St. Petersburg. Prokhorov is also the owner of New Jersey Nets basketball team and will run for the 2012 Russian presidency against Vladimir Putin. Prokhorov is the third richest person in Russia and the 32nd riches in the world, with an estimated $18 billion.