With one of the craziest series produced machine now reaching Dodge dealers, Demon shoppers can actually work out a combination of elements that will get them rolling to the drag strip.

The first production Dodge Challenger SRT Demon examples are now reaching their intended dealerships and there’s novelty from the company as to new add-ons that can turn the prized possession into an object of desire for car collectors in the coming years. There’s everything from car covers, elegant paperwork packaging, and a little something that we suspect will make owners pay attention – optional street tires to keep the drag radials protected for future auctions, sorry, drag strip trips.

You can fit your Dodge Demon with street trinkets as well 7

“The people who bought a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon are performance enthusiasts to the core, and having a custom car with accessories that improve overall performance is critical,” comments Tim Kuniskis, FCA’s head of passenger cars in North America. ‘These accessories are designed to build on the exclusivity and future collectability of this limited-production car.” The street tires come in the form of 305/35ZR20 performance elements from Pirelli, riding on 20-inch “Devil’s Rim” wheels – the standard ones used on the Challenger Hellcat Widebody. Other elements include a rear-seat delete package, a bolt-in four-point harness bar for the strip, a VBox video HD2 datalogger and in-car camera system and even a satin car cover embroidered with the owner’s name and made to match the car’s exterior color.


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