We already know very well some people take the love for their cars to extremes – such as fitting one of them in the living room. But this is not the case here…

You might remember that Bentley – especially since it entered the VW Group – has become so much more than a posh automaker. You can have lots of things with the Bentley name attached to it – from watches to a home sound system or fancy picnic sets. Now if the idea of having the Bentley sound system in your house sounds good, we can tell you could have even more with the Bentley name in your home. As in a complete new furniture collection to match your Bentley obsession. The automaker didn’t just start making furniture, instead the Bentley Home division turned to architect Carlo Colombo and a production location in Italy.

You can have a Bentley in your home as well, not just the garage 1

According to Bentley Home, the collection wants to study proportions and forms, outlining “well-balanced concepts featuring classical volumes full of refined details.” We also know they’re going to use great materials – such as maple and eucalyptus woods, as well as leather covers. The Collection is the official name of the collection… and comes with eight elements: two sofas, a chaise lounge, a table, a set of chairs, a bed, a cabinet, and a lamp.


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