No, we’re not announcing a breakthrough in automotive business making, with Ford buying back from Tata the Jaguar Land Rover brands – it’s just a clever tuning project we’re dealing with.

British aftermarket specialist JE Motorworks has an odd way of playing with its projects, because they’re offering an engine swap on a Land Rover Defender – yes, that extreme off-roader that has already went out of production. And they’re dropping inside none other than Mustang and Focus RS engines – the 2.3-liter Ecoboost. The company is opting out of large V8 models from America not just because the four banger suffices in power, but also because it has low missions – up to 350 horsepower but just 175 grams of CO2 inside the hot hatchback.

Which is a major difference compared to the 266 grams inside the most economical Defender 2.2 diesel. “We are seeing increasing rules and regulations restricting the use of diesel-engined vehicles in certain environments, particularly in cities, all over the world,” comments JE chairman and chief engineer Jonathan Douglas. “We expect many Defender owners will see a modern, direct-injection petrol engine as a good, more environment-friendly solution.” The thing is you shouldn’t expect Focus RS performance, because they will focus on torque mostly – as well as reliability. In addition to the manual transmission, the conversion can also include a switch to an automatic JE six-speed Tiptronic – with prices at under £20,000 and first builds expected before the end of the year.



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