There are annoying calls… and there are calls that you may never want to miss. Now Ford is trying to help you with a new ringtone for the latter category – and it might be one to remember.

While some of us have a tendency to forever use the ringtone provided with the mobile phone, there are others who love customizations. For the latter category Ford has prepared a treat – people can hear the Track Mode setting of the active valve performance exhaust on the 2018 Mustang GT every time someone calls them. And it’s of course free – and can be taken from Soundcloud. The company explains the recording has something to do with the Mustang GT being captured as the sports model thunders through all ten gears of its new 10-speed automatic gearbox towards 155 miles per hour. The 5.0-liter V8 is of course in tune to provide the deep boost – both on the tarmac and in our ears.

Even if you have the Mustang GT you might actually not have the active valve performance exhaust, though not getting the option now sounds like a silly thing to do – the V8-touting 2018 Mustang GT has four modes that can work with flaps for different levels of sound coming from the pipes, and drivers can easily tweak the settings. If they also have the optional 12-inch digital instrument cluster they can simply press the Pony button for access to the special exhaust menu screen where there are even more customizations to fiddle with.



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