You can work as a ride-share driver with a car-shared Chevrolet Bolt image

Chevrolet and GM’s car sharing division Maven are letting Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as other freelancers, rent a fully electric Bolt for $229 a week.

General Motors is fully submerged into the latest trends of the automotive industry – Cruise Automation is working on autonomous cars, the company is working in partnership with Lyft to bring “thousands” of the autonomous EVs on the roads and then there’s also Maven. The wholly-owned subsidiary is GMs direct feed to the car sharing business, and the service has a new feature, directed towards amateur professional drivers – the ones getting “independent driving gigs” like GrubHub, Instacart, and others. The program is limited because it’s a trial in California, introduced in San Diego so far.

You can work as a ride-share driver with a car-shared Chevrolet Bolt 7

GM will also pit the service in San Francisco and Los Angeles this year and initial partners include GrubHub, Instacart, and Roadie, as well as ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. The $229 per week starting price includes insurance (minus deductibles), maintenance, and unlimited mileage. The service allows people to turn the car faster than a week with no added charge, and Maven is already using 100 Bolt units throughout California. “Maven Gig is enabling freelancers to earn income through multiple sources,” comments Julia Steyn, vice president, General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven. “Maven is a smart, innovative platform transforming the future of shared mobility.”