While everyone around the world can’t say they didn’t want to own a new car at least at some point in their life, actually using the dream car can sometimes turn into one of the worst nightmares, at least in these cities.

Since we live in a highly technological society and we’re (statistically and philosophically) proven to be social “animals” – we have the tendency to band together from the very first dawn of civilization. Now in the space age, and with technology that gives us access to almost any corner of the earth, we’re still rooting to live together in growing megalopolis. Besides the numerous issues that would need hours just to list them, there’s one that interests us as drivers – the daily commute. According to a study coming from navigation systems producer TomTom, we now have the absolute worst places to use our cars. According to the report, the ones working in Istanbul and Mexico City have to go through the worst traffic gridlocks on the planet. For drivers needing to make at least a 30-minute excursion in free-flowing traffic would lose no less than 110 hours to congestion in these two cities every year.

Russia’s Moscow drivers are just marginally better (though getting on this chart is no pride) the capital’s commuters stand to lose no less than 109 hours of their life every year. In fourth place stands another Russian city, St. Petersburg, which takes 104 hours each year from the drivers that have a 30-minute commute. The top five is rounded by Romania’s capital Bucharest and the Brazilian town of Recife – both take a toll of 103 hours each year. The only US city represented here is Los Angeles, with 95 hours.

Via Forbes


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