Aston Martin’s used car division has released a new marketing campaign which is probably one of the best ones ever, thanks to its slogan.

The Aston Martin used car division campaign is probably one of the best ones ever and it’s showing Rosanne Jongenelen’s photo shoot of Playboy Germany from January 2012. The image in question is presenting the beautiful model lifting her leg on the kitchen counter and the hint is more obvious than ever. Next to her it says Aston Martin, pre-owned, and “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care”?

Well, honestly I wouldn’t care even if I was the last because it says just “fun and games” not “marry me”. But because we are living in a free world, feminists out there reacted and the ad might be banned. So until it will be forbidden to speak your mind, I advise you to download it and use it for your backgrounds. By the way, the ad isn’t original and it was inspired by BMW used cars, which presented a beautiful woman lying on a bed, where it said “You know you’re not the first”. You can check out the original photo below too.

Source: Twitter


  1. Aston Martin… using words "PRE OWED" …….. really? I would say it is fake…. idea is good, but… beside that picture is from Playboy…


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