Young Drivers in the UK Do Not Know the Drink Drive Limit image

Most of the UK drivers aged 17-24 are unaware of the legal drink drive limit.

According to a new survey which questioned 1, 000 young people, 79% of them didn’t know the drink drive limit in the UK, that of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. The research was carried by the Red Driving School, which discovered shocking gaps in young drivers’ awareness and education. A third of the surveyed young people said that they witnessed their parents drink drive and 1 in 5 claim that they would never do drink drive unless the unexpected happens. also found out that in the UK alcohol consumption in December increases by 40%. According to the study 40% of young people refuse to travel in a car with a driver that had consumed alcohol and 62% will not let themselves influenced by their parents’ drink and drive decision.

“While the research has revealed a serious need for more young driver education around drink driving and what the legal drink drive limit is, it has highlighted some positive statistics that show that young people are responsible drivers and consider their safety on the road,” said Ian McIntosh, CEO at RED Driving School.