ZF rules the industry: Created world’s first nine-speed automatic transmission image

In the world of auto transmissions, the regular game until now played by all has suddenly changed. It is dominated by the new arrival that cannot be challenged by anyone in its line.

Yes, the biggest news is related to ZF that has created the first 9-speed automatic transmission in the world. Being an unquestionable leader in the industry, ZF has supplied for many respected brands in the world including BMW, Audi, Bentley, Range Rover, and Rolls-Royce. Until now, the company has supplied its 8-speed automatic transmission to many rear-wheel drive models, including the aforementioned brands. With its 8-speed transmission, ZF was already a leader, but then it planned to bring something more challenging and rule the world through its newly introduced 9-speed transmission, which will be used on the passenger vehicles.

This 9-speed gearbox will be equipped with a transversely mounted engine and will be alike the 8-speed version. The only difference between the two is that the 8-speed version is best suited for the front-wheel drive cars due to its ability to enhance the fuel economy of the car.

This new 9-speed transmission invented by ZF deploys electronic controls that help to select the right gear. Well, it depends on the type of road, though tries to eradicate the situations. Otherwise in such situations, the car unnecessarily steps out or becomes the victim of continuous shifting.

The president and CEO of ZF Hans-Georg Harter has said that the new 9-speed transmission of the company is designed to improve the overall efficiency of the car. Adding further, Harter said that this version will enable significant fuel economy improvements. According to him, this new creation has capacity to deliver tremendous performance features for the front-wheel drive vehicles.

Unfortunately, the complete details are yet to get uncovered, but the productions of this transmission will be commenced on 2012 where it will be manufactured at the new manufacturing plant of ZF located in South Carolina.

By Sunita Mandal