So, what’s wrong here – a classic Porsche, a modern Porsche, two guys on skis behind the cars… and a frozen lake. Well, actually nothing, after all, Porsche says this is their own definition of „a fun day in the snow”.

And who are we to contradict? This short video brings so many crazy ideas to life – we would definitely drive a 911 GT2 RS, or a classic 911S, and we would definitely play with either (better, both) on a frozen lake. We’re not sure if we would ski attached to them… but after some extensive training we think we’d be up to spec for that too… Unfortunately Porsche doesn’t give out a registration form for this “fun day in the snow”…

Now, as to what you would drive home, it’s not as easy to choose if Porsche would only let you get one… The GT2 RS with its incredible 690-horsepower (545-kilowatt) engine tucked above the rear tires would be a natural choice for everyone. But true core Porsche fans will notice the other 911 – a classic 911S, is not your everyday vintage model. It’s actually a semi-famous rally-spec model complete with the livery from the 1970 Firestone Rally, which was a home run event for the brand after four wins in a row through the late 1960s and early 1970s.


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