Nissan has big plans for its models in the new generation and besides with more than 500 horsepower by using the GT-R’s powertrain, the iconic sports car’s new generation will get a power boost of 40 HP.

Rumors are that the 3.8 liter twin-turbo V6 engine powering the Nissan GT-R will be upgraded to deliver a total output of 570 horsepower which is actually a 40 HP increase over the current model and 90 HP more than the model had when it was originally launched.

The same rumors that announce the 2013 GT-R’s increased power, thanks to modifications on the intake and exhaust as well as some ECU remapping, say that the new generation will have no aesthetic changes, but Nissan will offer some limited editions like the Premium Black or Egoist, while the right-hand drive markets will receive the Track Edition.

The new generation of the Nissan GT-R is expected on the Nurburgring next month but knowing the Japanese automaker makes us think that official details of the 2013’s version of the sports car won’t be announced pretty soon.


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