This is the upcoming BMW 3-Series coupe, or under BMW’s new naming strategy, the new 4-Series Coupe.

Spied will only a minimal amount of disguise, the new 4-Series Coupe, it is expected to be larger compared to the actual 3-Series sedan, and most probably will come with the same range of powertrains that are available today on the 3-Series.

So expect the range to kick off with 181bhp 420d, while the 254bhp 430d and a new 309bhp 435d will complete the 4 Series diesel line-up. Petrol options will comprise the 181bhp 420i model, the 42bhp 430i and a new 302bhp 435i. High-performance M4 models, with around 450bhp, will join the line-up at a later date.

On the same time, according to some rumors BMW plans to build two variants: a two-door and a four-door coupe, both under the name of 4-Series.

“In the past the resemblance and the DNA between the 3 Series sedan and coupe was obvious, this time we want to take a much larger step,” Ian Robertson, BMW’s sales and marketing director, told

“It’s more than a 3 Series sedan, it has more presence and it’s more dynamic. It’s time to change to the 4 Series.”

Following BMW’s new strategy, expect the 4-Series to come in 3 choices: SE, Sport and M Sport variant. It’s possible, but for the moment not confirmed, that the German automaker could also offer its advanced X-Drive all-wheel-drive system.

Expected to hit the market later this year, the 4-Series coupe will compete against the likes of the Audi A5 range.


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