24 Hours LeMans: qualifications – results image

Tomorrow at 4PM French time the 24 hours of LeMans will start. The battle for pole position was exciting and closely contested in all three sessions, leaving the outcome of this weekend’s race hard to predict.

On Saturday, the Audi R18 TDI no.2 will line up in first position, Audi R18 TDI no.1 will be the second car, while the PEUGEOT 908 no.9 will be third.

Benoit Treluyer set a time of 3m 25.738s and grabbed the first spot on the grid, while his French team-mate Romain Dumas was merely 0.061 seconds slower.
After the qualifications, Treluyer said:

“I am very happy. I just really realize now that it is just fantastic for me. I was born so close to here and the 24 Hours is such a challenge and I was not even thinking about the pole position and then I did and it is just fantastic,”

Last season’s Le Mans was the fastest ever: the winning Audi covered 3,371.5 miles (breaking a record that had stood since 1971, long before the famous Mulsanne Straight was perforated by chicanes) and averaged 140.48mph day and night, covering 397 laps of the 8.5 mile circuit and topping 200mph several times during each and every one.
2011 LeMans qualifications results:

1- Audi R18 TDI no.2: 3’25”738

2- Audi R18 TDI no.1: 3’25”799

3- PEUGEOT 908 no.9 (Pagenaud): 3’26”010

4- PEUGEOT 908 no.8 (Sarrazin): 3’26”156

5- Audi R18 TDI no.3: 3’26”165

6- PEUGEOT 908 no.7 (Gené): 3’26”272

7- PEUGEOT 908 HDi FAP Oreca no.10: 3’30”084

8- Lola Toyota no.12: 3’32”883

9- Pescarolo no.16: 3’33”066

10- Lola Toyota no.13: 3’34”573