Actress Lindsay Lohan Involved in Another Car Crash image

Lindsay Lohan, the American actress, recording artist, and model has been involved in a second car crash, just six weeks after wrecking her Porsche in a freeway crash with an 18-wheeler truck.

This time the starlet rear-ended a silver Mustang at a stoplight on Sunset Boulevard, whilst travelling from the Chanel Boutique in Beverly Hills to her old stomping ground, the Chateau Marmont, according to

A woman in the Mustang says, “We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us.”

The woman says a male passenger in Lindsay’s car apologised and left his phone number, before telling her they had to keep going because paparazzi were following them.

The Mustang’s damage appeared to be extremely minor and cosmetic, according to website TMZ, but it is unknown if Lindsay’s car suffered any damage.

It was the same vehicle she drove when she had a massive crash on the Pacific Coast Highway last month.