Alfa Romeo doing what it does best – Giulia starts to break down image

The troubled Italian automaker doesn’t seem to find the right balance between looks and quality and during a recent review session, more than four Giulias had technical problems.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has invested a lot of money into relaunching the premium make and many things ride on the reception for the Giulia – a model that was long in the making. But the situation might be clouded even more – after the company strategy pushed back expansion plans – due to a recent test drive from where we get reports of technical issues. During an official press drive event, certain Giulia models had a series of frustrating and irritating technical glitches. You can have the first review impressions at the link embedded below but the journalist commented “One Giulia was wheeled off like an A&E casualty after the infotainment system failed.” Another vehicle started flashing its check engine light –maybe in a bid to grab the spotlight – and a third annoyed everyone with its faulty parking sensors that made the person behind the wheel constantly drive with an accompanying beeping sound.

The issues didn’t stop there as a fourth Giulia had a troublesome climate control system that randomly selected which air vents should stop blowing the refreshments. That model also had another technical glitch involving the infotainment system – that one froze like in the good old days of Windows’ blue screen and the only way to get it back online was to stop the car and turn the ignition on and off. The Alfa Romeo and Maserati chief Harald Wester said the problems lay inside the car’s computer software which has hundreds of millions of lines of code – but then again, early adopters don’t care about that too much, right?

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