Alfa Romeo to Triple Sales by 2016 image

Some analysts see with skepticism Marchionne’s plan to triple Alfa Romeo global sales to more than 300,000 vehicles by 2016.

Alfa Romeo’s European boss, Louis-Carl Vignon, says that the automaker has enough fresh products to reach this goal and even exceed the target of 300,000 units. Currently, the automaker’s best-selling models in Europe are the aging Giulietta compact and the MiTo subcompact. Vignon says that with fresh products and a new plan to expand into new markets, such as the US, the automaker can see a significant increase in sales.

“With our current segment coverage and our geographical footprint, we compete in about 5 percent of the global market,” said Vignon.

Vignon wants the automaker to compete for 32% of the global market by 2016. In 2012 Europe accounted for almost 90% of the total 101,000 Alfa Romeo vehicles sold globally. To cut its reliance on the Old Continent, Alfa will return to the US market, which it quit back in 1995. By 2016, Europe and the US will be Alfa’s biggest markets.

“Alfa’s brand awareness in the U.S. is still at a relevant level despite an absence of nearly 20 years,” Vignon said.

Alfa relies on the 4C small sports car to help the company have a successful comeback in the US. The company said at the Geneva auto show it will manufacture 1,000 4C vehicles which will be sold at 60,000 euro in Europe. In the US the model will be introduced in November, but the price was not mentioned.