BMW backs out of NAIAS reveal for electric hydrogen fuel cell drive module image

The German company, the largest luxury auto manufacturer in the world, has decided to backtrack its intentions and opted out of showing during next January’s 2015 edition of NAIAS a new prototype for the company’s fuel cell system.

Without giving any reason, the automaker has taken out the announcement from its global and American media websites. An older, unrevised version of the press release, which concerned all novelties heading towards the North American International Auto Show said that BMW decided to have in its stand the first ever “prototype of a drive module for electric hydrogen fuel cell drive systems”. Besides the first presentation of the drive module prototype, the brand also hinted towards the “possible integration into a future Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)” as opposed to pure battery-based electric vehicles that for now focus on urban mobility, the “hydrogen fuel cell drive systems offer electric mobility with a high operating range and very short refuelling times.”

Additionally, BMW also was revealing that it wasn’t developing the system alone – as it did with the carbon-fiber bodied range of electric “i” vehicles, but the fuel cell system was one of the “first fruits of the company’s cooperation with Toyota.” We all know that the largest automaker in the world has presented its first passenger car with an integrated fuel cell system – the Mirai, not long ago.

Via BMW and BMW Blog