BMW is the most valuable car brand in 2012 image

Every year, global research agency Millward Brown is commissioned by WPP to produce rankings of the world’s top 100 brands.

According to the latest report unveiled today, the world’s biggest brands have continued to grow in value during the current economic uncertainty.

Technology and telecommunication brands dominate the global list, accounting for seven of the top 10, 31 of the top 100 and nearly half the value. The No1 brand for the second year, Apple, rose 19% in value and is now worth $182.9 billion. IBM grew 15% in value to $115.9 billion and overtook Google, which dropped to third place in the ranking and is now worth $107.8 billion.

For the automotive category, BMW managed to reclaim the top ranking in 2012 after losing it to Toyota last year. According to the results, BMW’s brand value rose 10 percent over the past 12 months to $24.62 billion while Toyota’s dipped 10 percent to $21.78 billion.

Toyota, however, regained some of the trust lost during the uncontrolled acceleration problems of two years ago, which was eventually attributed to driver error. The Toyota Motor Corporation received the most awards for dependability in the J.D. Power and Associates dependability study.

Ironically, luxury cars may have experienced a negative impact from the rise in car quality overall. Because of generally improved performance, attention to design and the availability of sophisticated technology, factors that usually define luxury were available more broadly and less expensively.