Bus Crash in Croatia, Eight Czechs Killed image

On Saturday, June 23rd, a Czech bus with 51 passengers swerved off the road and overturned.

The bus was chartered by Brno travel agency Atlas Adria and was carrying passengers to Makarska Riviera, a beautiful holiday destination in Croatia. More than 43 people were injured in the accident and 8 other died. The accident took place at around 4 a.m. when the bus swerved off the right lane of the A1 road near the Krpani tunnel, at about 200 km from Zagreb. The vehicle crashed a barrier and hit a toll bridge before it overturned.

“I was sleeping when the accident happened. But the noise and the impact woke me up, and I could tell the bus was turning over. I heard glass shattering, and crashed into the seat, it was a horrible sound. There was glass everywhere and I could hear the people around me shouting because they were stuck under their seats”, declared a passenger.

Officials believe that the 25-year experienced bus driver, who also died in the accident, had a microsleep episode. Czech authorities haven’t confirmed yet the identities of the victims and the injured passengers were brought back to the Czech Republic on Sunday, June 24th, by a special military transport.