Canada: First Nissan Leaf delivered image

Nissan has delivered the first all-electric Leaf to a Canadian buyer. Ricardo Borba of Ottawa was the first person in Canada to place an order and received his car last Friday.

Ricardo Borba, a 44-year old Ottawa resident was handed the keys to his shiny new 2011 LEAF SL by the President of Nissan Canada, Allan Childs.

“This is a significant milestone in the movement that brings sustainable mobility within our grasp and at Nissan we’re excited to be leading the way by bringing the world’s first all-electric car to the mass market, which was also recognized as the 2011 World Car of the Year,” said Allen Childs, President of Nissan Canada, Inc.

“Today we made history by handing over the keys to Mr. Borba, the first Canadian consumer to purchase a Nissan LEAF. This represents the freedom to choose a car that has no tailpipe, produces no emissions and will never have to visit a gas station.”

Leaf is the first of its kind and runs totally from its battery. It allows the car to do 160KM before a recharge is needed. With a 240-volt station, the LEAF’s battery pack can be fully charged in 7 hours.

Ricardo Borba who works as a software engineer at IBM said that he can’t bear the fuel industry anymore and that he was thrilled with the introduction of green technology.