The Citroën C6 is Europe’s safest car, according to analysis of Euro NCAP data by motoring website
From February 2009, safety organisation Euro NCAP will award a new star rating based on a car’s combined performance in protecting adults, children and pedestrians in an accident.
Previously, vehicles have been awarded points and stars separately for the three areas, but the system is being changed in the hope that manufacturers will try to improve pedestrian safety as they aim for the highest ratings for their cars.
Applying this points system to the 150 cars that Euro NCAP has already tested separately in all three areas, discovered that the Citroën C6 scores highest across the board, followed by its stablemate family hatchback, the C4, and the Volkswagen Golf.
At the other end of the scale, the Isuzu Rodeo pickup scored lowest, with just 41 total points across the three areas, compared to the C6’s 100.

“Euro NCAP has done an excellent job over the years of promoting car safety, to the point where it is now a significant part of the car-buying process,” said’s Massimo Pini. “What the points table shows is that several manufacturers still have work to do to if they’re going to get high scores in the future.”


    Beh le ammiraglie Citroen hanno sempre avuto un loro fascino…. Anche questa “C6″, non sarà bellissima, ma ha il fascino da grossa Citroen! Un’auto tipicamente francese. Io dal 1995 al 1999 ho posseduto una Citroen “XM” e quindi sono “predisposto” a valutare positivamente la “C6″. Sono stato a provarla alla Citroen di Pescara e debbo dire che vi ho ritrovato tutto quello che di buono aveva la mia “XM” notevolmente migliorato. Ora con questo nuovo 3.000 diesel sicuramente sarà ancora migliore. Una ultima considerazione: in un panorama automobilistico dove tutti per “distinguersi” acquistano BMW, Mercedes e Audi, forse non ci si distingue di più comperando una “C6″?
    Attualmente guido una Jaguar, ma quando vedo una “C6″in giro, il mio cuore…..


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