Cruise Automation starts testing self-driving Bolts image

General Motors and its partner Cruise Automation have started their self-driving quest by packing Chevy electric Bolts with autonomous tech.

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that General Motors and the San Francisco-based Cruise Automation autonomous-driving tech start up aim to deploy within a year a driverless electric Chevrolet Bolt through GM’s Lyft ride-sharing company. Therefore, Cruise have begun the testing phase on the streets of San Francisco, according to Automotive News. And the confirmation comes right from Cruise’s website which opens with a big photo of a Chevrolet Bolt EV dressed in sensors, also welcoming the readers by announcing that “We are testing our autonomous technology on the all new Chevrolet Bolt EV in San Francisco.”

The self-driving era will prove to be a crucial one for the automotive industry, while for the ride-haling services would definitely mean a boost of their business by getting rid of drivers. But there are still many regulatory hurdles to be overcome before fully independent cars without drivers behind their wheels will be allowed on public roads.

As for the electric Chevy Bolt, GM is getting ready to put it into production this year, for the market launch to start in 2017. However, Lyft’s rivals are not standing with their arms crossed, as Uber has also started to test self-driving Ford Fusion hybrid models at its Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh.

Separately, the US biggest automaker said it was expanding its car-sharing service Maven, already starting in Chicago with 30 vehicles at over 15 sites, for Boston and Washington D.C to soon follow.

Via Automotive News