Jun.22 (GMM/Inautonews.com) His quit threats still echoing around the paddock, Dietrich Mateschitz met quietly with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone on Sunday.

“No photographers, no journalists — even their staff kept a safe distance,” reported Osterreich newspaper.

The report speculated that the main topic of conversation was not Mateschitz’s quit threats, but the Austrian billionaire’s interest in buying the marketing rights to the entire sport.

Former driver and F1 expert Alex Wurz believes the scenario is quite possible.

“The question is: are we talking only about the marketing of formula one, or the billions of euros it would take to buy the sport?” Wurz said.

“I don’t know if Mateschitz is ready to spend that sort of money.”

What is clear to Wurz, however, is that “Who puts the money on the table, can also make the rules”.

  • Michael Steel

    If this is going to be a fact, Mateschitz must give up the both Red Bull teams.

    • mikey234

      He would lose his incentive to buy then then wouldn’t he? It’s not like HE is likely to be the savior of F1, he is reportedly trying to save Red Bull by buying F1 and making the rules more RBR friendly.

      • Michael Steel

        What I try to say here, is that IF Mateschitz would take that step, to buy out Bernie, he even so have to sell the both teams (RBR and STR) . This because of conflict of interest.