Exclusive: Ford Focus RS will only be offered as a hatchback image

The Ford Focus RS will not be seen in other body styles than the hatchback, as a company representative has recently confirmed.

One of the most interesting vehicles unveiled this year, the Ford Focus RS, was rumored to be introduce in different body styles other than the current hatchback, and if we weren’t so sure that we would see it as a sedan, chances of it introduced as a wagon were pretty big in our imagination. That is until we have asked a source within the company, who stated that the Ford Focus RS will not be introduced in other body styles, considering the fact that the carmaker is already offering the ST in a wagon, powered by a diesel and a petrol burner.

“We already have an ST wagon in petrol and as of January, we now offer a Diesel ST Wagon as well which goes on sale very shortly. At this stage, we have no plans for a Wagon or sedan RS”, said the Ford official to inautonews.com.

The brand new Ford Focus RS has been unveiled over the web for the moment but its public debut will be made in early March, during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The hot hatch is instantly recognizable thanks to its aggressive body kit and, for the first time ever, the company has fitted it with an all-wheel drive system, which should make a big difference in cornering, and not only. Under the hood, the model is powered by a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine, from the Mustang, rated at 315 HP (235 kW). More details on the Focus RS are limited at this time.