A production version of the Renault Alpine still has to be approved but once the green lights will be given, the model will not be restricted to the European market.

Renault has been testing the market for a resurrection of its long gone Alpine brand for quite a few years now and a first step into this direction has been made back in 2012, when the A110-50 Concept was introduced. This had a futuristic design which indicated towards a sports car. Next came the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, earlier this year, which was aimed towards the famous video game. A month ago, we have seen a toned down version, the so-called Celebration Concept and the path is obvious.

However, a production version of the Renault Alpine model is not confirmed at this point but there are a lot of chances of seeing it over the next few years. Once this will happen, Renault will not limit it to the European auto market so expect to see it in showrooms across the ocean and even in some parts of Asia.

“You can imagine that when the Go for Alpine will be given by CEO, our ambition will not be restricted to Europe”, said a source within the company to inautonews.com.

A recent report was indicating that the production variant of the Alpine will make use of the of the same engine from the next Megane generation, a 1.6l with approximately 250 HP. The 1.8 liter turbo wasn’t ruled out either and neither was the current 1.6l turbo petrol found on the current Clio RS. An improved automatic transmission with a twin clutch will be sending power to the wheels but it remains to be seen whether this will be FWD, RWD or AWD. Chances are the model, which is believed to be called the AS1 (Alpine Sport 1), will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, in March 2016.


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