EXCLUSIVE – Seat SUV confirmed for 2016 image

The Spanish based automaker Seat has officially confirmed the development of a production SUV which will be introduced sometimes in 2016.

While spy photographers continue to capture the Seat SUV on camera while it is being tested out, the company has recently confirmed the development of such a model. When contacted by the inautonews.com team, the carmaker’s representative stated that the vehicle in question will be produced in 2016.

“We haven’t had anything confirmed yet for what we’re showing at Geneva next year, but as we’re planning on building an SUV in 2016, then there could be a possibility”, said the Seat official.

The brand new Seat SUV will be similar in size to the Nissan Qashqai, as rumors are saying. The model should be inspired by the Leon FR hatchback and it will come with plastic body cladding, LED headlights similar to the ones found on the Leon and with several other tweaks to help it stand out. The model, which will ride on the MQB platform, will probably gain the AWD but this is unknown for the moment. More details on the Seat SUV are limited and will probably be announced sometimes next year when we expect it to appear in a concept form.