Mar.20 (GMM/ Jost Capito, set to return to the sport from his current post at Volkswagen, says a F1 foray for the German giant cannot be ruled out.

“For a company like Volkswagen, formula one is always a topic,” the German, currently running VW’s world rally programme, told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

He has accepted an offer to be the new CEO at McLaren, but admits he will miss rallying.

“I think F1 has a lot to learn,” said Capito.

“Last year I was in Malaysia for the grand prix and on the return flight I walked past two drivers and briefly congratulated them, but they did not accept it.

“That sort of arrogance would never happen with rally drivers,” he insisted.

Capito says he will start work at McLaren once his successor is appointed by VW.

He will then begin working with Fernando Alonso, who according to some is perhaps the most difficult driver on the grid to manage.

“I worked for a year at Sauber with Jean Alesi,” Capito smiles. “If you can survive that, you can survive anything!”

Capito says VW’s rally programme has also survived the carmaker’s emissions scandal, so refuses to rule out a F1 foray for the Wolfsburg giant in the future.

“It depends on the timing,” he said.

“Currently there are several reasons why it makes no sense, but that could change.

“F1 needs a long-term stable business structure and especially long-term technical regulations. If you want to be in formula one you need a huge investment, so you have to have security with your planning.

“And that is not currently there for a newcomer,” said Capito.


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