FCA plan: Chrysler to double its line-up by 2018 image

Yesterday, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed an eagerly awaited five years business plan – and when it comes to the Chrysler brand, the company aims to make it the US powerhouse.

FCA aims to double in size the Chrysler brand line-up (which currently is skinny as a catwalk model), while until 2018 it would also kill off two Dodge nameplates that currently eat into Chrysler’s territory – ending a long running internal “war”.

The Chrysler namesake brand would become the “mainstream North American brand”, positioned to tackle the US mass-market models from the likes of Ford, Chevrolet or Hyundai, according to the Al Gardner, the brand’s CEO.

“What we do, we do well,” Gardner said. “But frankly there is so much more that the Chrysler brand could be. Clear brand identity and differentiation of those two brands is not something we’ve accomplished until now.”

Currently Chrysler only has three model nameplates – with FCA intent on adding another three – first would come a 100 compact sedan in 2016, positioned below the redesigned 200, then would follow suit in 2017 a full size crossover and in 2018 a smaller crossover.

Meanwhile, Dodge is set to lose after the current year model the Avenger nameplate, while the Dodge Grand Caravan is set for discontinuation in 2016, when the refreshed Chrysler Town & Country minivan comes to market.

Via Automotive News