Ford closes Genk Plant in Belgium image

With a production of around 14 million cars over the past 50 years, Ford shut the doors of its plant in Genk, Belgium just a day ago.

At the end of 2012, Ford decided to close the factory where close to 4000 employees were working and relocate the production of its new models to Valencia, Spain.

The University of Hasselt carried out a study regarding the closure of the plant which will cost around 11,800 jobs in the greater region with Ford suppliers having to also make cuts.

The last car in the production line at the factory in Belgium was set to be a white Galaxy van, which will not be put on sale as it will be given to charity, with the signatures of the factory staff all over it. Even if the final shift ended this morning, Ford will keep a few hundred of its employees over the following months as to dismantle assembly lines.

Belgium is now left with only two car assembly plants, the Audi factory in Brussels and the Volvo Cars in Ghent as it did not lose the Ford plant in Genk, but also the Opel factory in Antwerp which was shut down in 2010.

By Gabriela Florea