Ford Focus production slowed due to limited dashboard supplies image

Ford’s assembly line in the United States can’t operate at full capacity on its Focus model because of dashboard shortages.

According to the manufacturer, the machinery used to make the skins which cover the Focus’ dashboards is working intermittently and the company shipped the parts from Europe by air, increasing the production costs.

This isn’t the only problem the Focus model has and the Japanese manufacturers can’t deliver as many cars as the US Ford dealers need in order to decrease the customer waiting lists for the vehicles.

Ford’s lack of supplies could have a big hit on the company’s financial status because of the high production costs which can mean one out of two things: a smaller profit for auto maker or a more expensive Ford Focus.

On the other hand, the Focus’ main competitor, Chevrolet Cruze, doesn’t have any problems and managed to sell 24.500 units in June, 3.500 more than the Ford model.