Google offers free electric car charging service to its employees image

Google has never stopped keeping its employees happy. It’s all about employee productivity or employee satisfaction…

Google has offered an electric car sharing service which is known as Gfeet. Well, providing such services is not for the first time. It’s just that this time, Google has added one more service for its employees to its bag.

Google is now offering free electric car charging service to its employees at the Googleplex headquarters. Apart from providing this new service, the company has always moved forward to offer other lavish employee perks including free transportation, free food, unexpected bonuses, etc.

As far as the Gfleet is concerned, Google has included 30 Chevy Volts, Toyota Prius plug-in hybrids, and Nissan Leafs in this electric car sharing service. Besides, Google is also set to install 150 ‘Level 1’ 110-volt chargers as well as 71 ‘Level 2’ 240 volt fast chargers, which will fulfill the demands of others.

The Level 2 chargers have capacity to gear up a Nissan Leaf to 80 percent charge in just around 3 hours. The employees of Google who reside at distant location far from its Mountain View, California headquarters have received a great opportunity to switch from their regular vehicles to electric vehicles to enjoy the services provided by their employer. And if they don’t have it then they should at least borrow one to reach to their destination without putting much effort.

By Sunita Mandal