Jul.14 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Romain Grosjean is not sure the forthcoming ‘driver aids’ clampdown from August’s Belgian grand prix will be a game changer.

Although the big changes to an image-struggling F1 will come in 2016 and especially 2017, one tweak will arrive ahead of the race at fabled Spa-Francorchamps next month.

Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that the FIA has now sent the details to the teams, including a new limit on what the drivers can be told on the formation lap about clutch settings for the race start.

The report said the “objective is that the drivers will be solely responsible for the start procedures”.

But Lotus driver Grosjean said he doubts the changes for Belgium and beyond will make a big difference.

“There are certain procedures that must be adhered to for the start, and in principle they are not changing,” he is quoted by Speed Week.

He acknowledged the new rules but doubts they will “turn the grid upside down when the lights go out”.

“The same applies to restrictions on the radio,” the Frenchman continued, “as we will get used to it very quickly. I don’t know really how it is intended to improve the show.”

  • ilikecake

    Ban the radio altogether. Let the drivers manage their own cars completely by themselves. Tires, brakes, fuel etc. The cars will become simpler again and success will depend on skill again. Not just on the car, not just on the engineers sitting on the pit wall. And for the love of god get rid of DRS. We see only a handful of proper passes a SEASON. The rest of the time they just push the button and casually drive by on a straightaway. What kind of idiot thought that’s what racing fans wanted to see?

    • Ron

      Well said, l totally agree with everything you say, get back to driving skills not slot car racing.

  • http://www.starsingles.co.uk/ Star Singles

    It gets worse. Driver Perez was ordered over the radio recently NOT to race anyone when cars attacked from behind. This would cause more DEG (tyre degradation). Instead he was instructed to drive smoothly on each lap and ‘follow our plan’. It’s a nonsense.

    • ilikecake

      That’s not an isolated incident. I’d say the vast majority of the field is not racing at any given time. These awful tires have turned the “race” into a multi car time trial. And it sounds like the bosses are hell bent on keeping them. It’s mind boggling. The biggest thing wrong with F1 is the tires and that’s the one thing Bernie doesn’t want to change.

  • Pete

    Drivers have been managing tyres since F1 started, even Stirling used to do it as he said in an interview recently. The problem with F1 is it’s as much about the team and car as it is driver. We as fans want to see the drivers racing… only way to achieve that is to have same engine output, so the best design of car will have a slight advantage, but not on all tracks so it will be mixed up slightly. Then driver skill will play more of a part than it does now. I doubt the front running teams would ever agree to that!