South Korean automaker Hyundai plans to sell 228,000 units of the new Sonata sedan by the end of this year.

Hyundai said that it is confident the new Sonata will be able to sell 228,000 units globally this year and help the automaker reverse a profit fall and regain market share. The South Korean car maker aims at selling 165,000 redesigned Sonata sedans overseas and 63,000 locally in 2014 and for the next year the automaker has a selling target of 338,000 vehicles (89,000 locally and 249,000 overseas).

Hyundai’s redesigned Sonata, recently launched in South Korea, is the first makeover of this model in almost five years. The vehicle will be introduced in the US market next month at the New York auto show and it will be immediately go on sale after the event.

As happened to Hyundai before, the new Sonata has also been the target of a mileage-related error. When the automaker unveiled the revamped Sonata at the beginning of this month it stated that the car’s fuel economy had increased 6% to 12.6 kilometers per liter. The government’s tests had revealed that in fact mileage had only rose 2% to 12.1 kilometers per liter.

“This may have a short-term impact on its reputation. But for the longer term, it is better for Hyundai to take quick action before controversy erupts,” said Cho Chul, a senior researcher at the government-run Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade.



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