In the United States a vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds! image

For as many people out there who own a vehicle, there is seemingly an equally large group of people who want to steal them.

Thieves steal a car in the U.S. every 33 seconds, with 40% to 50% of those thefts due to driver error, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says.

That’s nearly 1 million cars a YEAR! And the bad news is that only 57 percent of vehicles reported as stolen are recovered.

The top ten reported stolen vehicles from NHTSA’s 2008 theft rate data compilation are:
– Dodge Magnum
– Pontiac Grand Prix – Mitsubishi Galant
– Chrysler 300 – Chrysler Sebring
– Chrysler Pacifica – Chrysler PT Cruise
– Hyundai Sonata – Hyundai Azera
– Dodge Charger

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