iPhone 5 Offers Best Portable GPS Device Yet image

The launch of iPhone 5 has sent shockwaves into the auto industry too, with the new Apple’s own Apple Maps app.

The Apple Maps app is a totally new system that was developed in partnership with Yelp and enhances the navigation experience. The iPhone 5 all-new A6 CPU chip makes the Apple Maps vectors which rotate the image, zoom functions and screen orientation run really crisp and smooth. The Maps app offers hundreds of millions of points of interest and makes destination inputs less time consuming. Once the user clicks on a location, an ‘Info’ cars shows up with the spot’s contact information.

What Yelp offers is the useful ‘Reviews’ tab that gives ratings and reviews about different locations, such as restaurants. The app also provides photos of the locations to allow iPhone users become familiar with their future destination. The Apple Maps app is based on Siri turn-by-turn navigation software which offers real-time traffic services due to the data server that processes information gathered from other iPhone users in the area. Apple iOS6 will be launched on September 19th and Apple iPhone 5 pre-orders will begin tomorrow, September 14th. The official release will be on September 21st.