Ireland: Romanian turns his car into a taxi using a cardboard image

A man original from Romania has attracted the Police attention after writing “Taxi” on a cardboard and placing it on top of his vehicle in Ireland.

Romanians seem to be very inventive when it comes to making easy money and even if most of the time they end up stealing or eating swans, a man from the Eastern European country was caught by the Irish Police after he was using a cardboard to turn his car into a taxi.

The apparently old Fiat Punto owned by the Romanian has been turned into a taxi using an “original” method: the man wrote “Taxi” on a cardboard using a marker and he placed the “piece of paper” on top of his vehicle.


We don’t exactly know the whole story or if the guy managed to attract some customers but one thing is for sure, he attracted the Irish Police and he was fined for not having any legal documents to use his car as a taxi.

Entrepreneur spirit or simply stupid? You decide!

  • Vasile

    "stealing or eating swans"?!! what a load of crap! you're full of prejudice my friend

  • David

    A convenient excuse for you to advance your pea-brained bigotry!!!!!!! Not getting ahead in your life?

  • dontwannatellya

    dude… cut the shit out… u dont get to judge people … u are a nobody to judge an entire country for a few persons. That means if we were to make a logical conclusion… u (americans) u will all be rasist bastards… so … please… mind your own freakin' business and leave romanians alone…coz if i asked u where romania is situated u don;t know … hell most of the americans don't know how many states are included in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA … stfu please

    • Mike

      dontwannatellya – take a good look at this: by Cristian Gnaticov … He is Romanian …

  • Maurice

    Did you ever see a romanian person eating swans??? i don't think that. I i'm sure that you are a BIG LIAR !

    • Mike

      Google to see that the guy is right somehow – indeed there were some Romanians that eat swans in Paris ! But this doe's t make all Romanians like those ones … A little bit too exaggerated

  • Marco

    The problem is not with the Romans, the problem is with Romanian gypsies …

  • Marco

    and you guys miss the point here … No one want's to eat swans that's for sure – the problem comes from the banks and the financial system. There are no jobs! These don't have a job! Here is the essence.

    and btw …

  • Harry Edwards

    Where did you dig this up, several year old RTE comedy skit. This is a prime example of making a story up. You'll have to do better !!!!!!!

  • Jon in Dublin

    Your story is inaccurate totally wrong and misleading ,The "taxi" in question was a comedy sketch on RTE tv some years back ..NO Romanian was involved ,two comedians did the sketch for a "!laugh"…..i suggest to save yourself from looking even more stupid and racist that you remove the thread immediately ,,,as it is incorect