Is FCA bringing in a new Barracuda? image

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles might be planning to resurrect the Barracuda nameplate for a new muscle car. While in 2014 rumors on this topic were dismissed by former President and CEO of the SRT Brand, Ralph Gilles, the “Barracuda” news have come again to our attention.

The reason for that is that FCA has filed a new trademark for the Barracuda name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, filling which was discovered by Allpar on the 23rd of June and it was related to usage for “Motor vehicles, namely, passanger automobiles, their structural parts, trim and badges.” Let’s not get all our hopes up as car manufacturers renew trademarks with such filings in order to stop other from using them.However, the possibility of FCA bringing a new Barracude on the auto market is not to be neglected, either as a range-topping Challenger version or as a successor car model.

The Barracuda replacing the Challenger seems to be a possibility in the aftermath of the SRT Hellcat launch on the market. FCA announced last year that for its five-year strategy regarding the Dodge brand, the current Challenger will be replaced in 2018. That would be the first option for a new Barracuda launch, with the second alternative being represented by Barracuda being a smaller alternative to the Challenger, along the lines of the Scion FR-S. Another rumour has it that there will be some delays to the previously announced year regarding the successor model regardless of what its name will turn out to be.

By Gabriela Florea