McLaren is planning to introduce the much awaited entry level sports car, the P13, in late 2015.

The British based automaker McLaren is already known to have started the development of an entry-level sports car, the so-called P13, but while some rumors were saying that it will be introduced in a few years, a recent report is indicating that the model in question will be hitting the market in late next year. the new McLaren P13 is extremely close to production, as the company’s engineering director, Mark Vinnels, has recently revealed, when speaking to the guys at Top Gear.

The new McLaren P13 is believed to follow the footsteps of the 650S and to have a similar front fascia to the recently unveiled supercar, along with other design features. The vehicle in question is also said to use aluminum body panels, instead of carbon fiber ones, and this should keep its weight and price down. The McLaren P13 will be coming with as much as 500 HP (373 kW) from the 3.8 liter V8 engine, but chances are the unit will produce 450 HP (335 kW) on the sports car. The P13 will be rivaling with models such as the Porsche 911.


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