Mercedes to unveil a new straight-six engine family – report image

Premium automaker Mercedes Benz continues its downsizing program by making more fuel efficient engines, smaller V8s, and now is thinking of returning to its roots and adopting straight six engines to its vehicles.

In addition to this, Mercedes plans to continue its engine downsizing strategy with the launch of a new twin-turbocharged V-8 displacing just 4.0-liters in the year 2015.

According to a source from Mercedes-Benz engineering departments Mercedes will soon start producing straight sixes, possibly in both single and twin-turbo configurations, to replace their thirsty V8 engines.

Like the current crop of V6 power-plants, the new straight-six engines will power some of Mercedes-Benz’s larger cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class variants and M-Class and M-Class derived SUVs.

Historically, straight-six engines were introduced much earlier than V6 engines. While the first straight-six was manufactured in 1903 by Spyker, it was 1950 before a production V6 engine was introduced.