Sunday, June 24th, a bus turned over on a wet road in Guerrero, Mexico killing at least 25 people and injuring other 23.

Most of the passengers were wearing T-shirts with the Mexico’s Labor Party (PT) logo, which is a small grouping in Congress supporting leftist presidential hopeful Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The bus was taking the passengers to a political rally in Buenavista de Cuellar for Mexico’s Democratic Revolution Party. According to officials the bus’ brakes have out and the vehicle slide into a 300-metre-high ravine.

It seems that bus crashes happen quite often on Mexico’s main roads, which cause hundreds of deaths and victims annually. Another awful accident took place in April when a cargo truck crashed into a bus with agricultural workers onboard, in Mexico’s eastern Veracruz state. The bus was coming from the port of Coatzacoalcos, when the accident took place killing 43 people.

“The first report we have, which we need to confirm with investigators, is that the truck’s trailer came loose and hit the bus,” said government spokeswoman Gina Dominguez.

On April 5th another bus travelling in Jalisco, crashed into a tree and overturned, killing 14 sugar cane workers and injuring other 9.


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