Opel Junior to be made in Eisenach, Germany image

The Eisenach, Germany, plant will officially start production on the new Opel Junior in late 2012, with sales of the model being expected to start in 2013.

According to the car manufacturer, the small Opel Junior will enter production later this year at the Eisenach plant in Germany. The Opel Junior is General Motors’ attempt to go against the popular Fiat 500 and if the price is kept on a normal level while fitting the model with everything found on the Fiat 500 too, the “German” vehicle might actually be successful. Let’s not forget the exterior design too, because the Fiat 500 is quite appealing and we still don’t have some official images with the Junior.

“We want to show we are not in a straightjacket. Cars like the Junior will make people realize we are really pushing the Opel brand. If we’d have tried to introduce it before Insignia, it probably wouldn’t have worked. Now we have the quality, and we’re flirting with more character and personality”, said the company’s design chief, Mark Adams.

There aren’t any official details on the new Opel Junior but the model will enter production, just as we said above, in late 2012, and it will hit the dealerships in 2013.